Jose is Gone forward I go !

I finished No Way Jose and it's off to print , I have started a new book now , books have captured me ,it will be about native Aussie animals who coexist in the Simpson desert , the theme is about coming together to celebrate the coming of the new season of spring , there is one illustration in miscellanious Artworks on this site , this one is completely my own project both story and the Art by little me , Wish me Luck !!!

Have a new idea for Clients

I am now offering a caricature service to any interested persons ,if you scroll down to SongTitle Series you will see some posters of famous musicians doing one of their BIG songs ,So if you are a Big fan of somebody like that I can caricature you as the person you choose to be doing the song you you want in full colour size A3 on semi-gloss hi-quality paper , Cost I think for a personal work like this $75.))

Back in Action !

Hi to all my imaginary Cyber Fans ?? My former website was hacked ,but now we are back in business again and this one is a very simple gallery type of site you just scroll down clik on the thumbnails and up comes the image in very clear view,,, things are quiet , but I have just finished a CD for Finn ( Sydney Blues Band) and still working on " THAT BOOK" it's in the final stages now 18 months but it's a difficult script to get the images right . The Cartoonist Association has a new site and unless you are a full member they don't display your works so I have to get on the full member list because I got work thru the old site , Family cartoon /caricatures ! People seemed to like my style , so for now ,till the next time Go easy ,Robert

It's getting to be a lot like Christmas

 Well it's nearly the end of 2012 ,for me it's has not been all that great , but I am still alive and drawing stuff , I just finished a CD artwork for local band Finn they give me a lot of work , the dreaded book " No Way Jose is nearly finished, we had a combined xmas party ACA & Illustrators Australia at Coopers Hotel in Newtown , it was a good night plenty of grog & good food & company .So if you read this I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a wonderful New Year and beyond , I love Life!!

New site up and running

The new site is up and running! 

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