MUSEO do HUMOR 2014, 30th Anniversary Event!

 I have been invited by the Museo do Humor in Spain ( FOR THE 7th TIME) to submit a work  for the 30th year anniversary exhibition , this is a thrill for me ,the work will be displayed for one year with all the other new works of International illustrators , the exhibit opens in November, I toyed with a lot of subjects, Putin . Italian PM , Ladt GAGA , but I finally decided on a caricature of the four Beatles, I was not happy about how they finished ! I called the work  " THE Sun Sets on the Peppermen" and put them holding signs Let IT BE, the caricature is on this site in Musical Things if you care to look at it ! Ma ke a comment?? 

Osten 42nd World Gallery of Cartoons 2014

 I love to put things into international events like the Osten Gallery , people contact me at times from these places because of my entries so you get to be known internationally I did a caricature of President Hollande of France surrounded by attractive women , which is his FORTE" been in the news ' his affairs !

Off colour

Sorry Cyberfolk , I have been off air for a time , a few health issues , but back on deck again now if you need anything drawn , colored or bcaricatured message me and we can do business , I hope the world is treating you all well .

Brought it to Berlin

   I have entered my work into 5th International Berlin Competition 2014  Themes are" Electromobile" and " Berlin Wall" ,........       I did a work called " Electromobilized "  the image isin my cartoon comps section.

On the UP !

  Things are looking up , Rotary Cartoon awards time now , started on my new project a primary school book about springtime in the Simpson desert , how the local fauna celebrate it , animals only book, it will have a moral to it , and who reads it will know about the Simpson desert , I got an invite to submit ideas for spanish wine company TERRAS GAUDA , they choose new labels for new wines each year from artists all over the world ,if they use your design it's worth about 10.000 euros to you ,so it's worth the time to design and submit ideas , the coming federal election will be a ripe time for cartoonists ,I wish I had a spot on a publication somewhere , the oppurtunities for that are dwindling as the print media guys are cutting back on everything ,so one has to try other areas, have to search for ideas and never give up ,that's my motto!

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