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Hi and thanks for stopping by. :My full name is Robert Carter, but my friends call me Bob..... I'm an illustrator that lives in Sydney, Australia, .... This website is dedicated to the Illustrations, Drawings, Cartoons and Artworks that I have created, the like of which I can create and produce for you, on Commission. ...(  My rates are extremely reasonable  and are likely to surprise you,,, I will always negotiate a price that is agreed to by both of us.....         

I have a fascination for local politics, so be sure to check out my Local Politics Cartoon Gallery, or have a look at some of my entries for" The Bald Archies." And if you click on the "News Tab"above you will see my new idea for Clients,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I'm known  around town for creating  music related art which you can see in my CD Cover and Jam Night Galleries, Band posters , Flyers , Bass drum logos , also Murals on cafe walls .............Illustrations for Childrens Books, Book covers and Family caricatures are also amongst the Art I create as" People are my thing".............., So please scroll down here to have a look at a collection of my work  ( To ,enlarge just click on a thumbnail) and if you like my work and want something created please click on the contact "tab"above and then write me a message on my Contact Form!,,,,,,,,I greatly look forward to hearing from you and creating something new and unique for You!  Cheers ...... Bobby at Bobbeeart.com

       I am offering prints of any of my works for sale in the original size ,,, they are printed on 210 gsm gloss paper , $12.00 inc postage in Australia or $ 20.00 international postage ... If anyone is ever interested ?? Clik on the Contact button!     




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